I work in the field of site specific art, engaging with large scale public artwork like murals, smaller, concept based projects as well as working with public of all ages and backgrounds through various creative workshops.

My work is about space and its dynamics, be it a natural or urban environment. I am interested in the concept of built environment as our direct human habitat. My work reflects interest in the relationship we have with the space we live in. For me, all elements around us matter, from architectural structures, to natural landscapes, to the objects in a room, to shapes, patterns and of course, the colours! All of them, form a unique set of dynamics that influence us and our behaviour.

My background as an artist is connected to the background of environmental science and my studies I had done in Poland. I join both approaches together, scientific/environmental and creative one, directing my research towards working with architectural elements, cultural influences in a given space as well as the historical dimensions. My approach naturally led me to work within various fields, from psychogeography, to urban design, to public work and finally, architecture - exploring the influences of the space and how we relate to it.

This multidimensional approach gives a possibility for a very diverse way of working, from studio practice, to large scale painting (murals) to working with communities, designing and running workshops, networking with academic environments, contributing to various conferences, collaborative work with other creative organisations and civic establishments.

As a result, my artwork is a complex creative process where a lot of it is derived from the perception of a given space and how much effort I put into understanding its ‘dimensions’. I never see my artwork as a singular piece executed on a surface of a building or a wall. I like to think about it as a creative concept: a visual idea that bears certain values, like site sensitive approach, considering surrounding architecture, space, its people. Finally, the surface and location where I paint is of a massive importance. Only after having all the elements researched, I will start to combine the information into a visual representation. Therefore, there are carefully measured elements, as if I am building something, intense flat colours which refers to people, their senses, and my wish to awaken them. There is also a lot to combine in terms of the composition, I work with symbols, map typology, shapes, fractures of memory, all of it builds the final image: site specific artwork, story, map and a new architectural element, all of it, in one piece.